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Friday, December 30, 2005

confessions of a lazygirl

I had programmed my own page, and everything. I spent a lot of yesterday looking confusedly at HTML and CSS because I was pulling an all-nighter of sorts. I even wrote a prototype for this entry. But then my web hosting thing didn't send me details, and I decided to just be lazy and go with blogspot and one of their fine templates. So here I am. Obviously I'm just that keen to impose my viewpoints on friends and randomers.

...And guess what I'm going to write about first? Think seasonal. Think something everyone else is probably typing right now. Oh yes. I'm going to write about my New Year's Resolutions. Most sensible people I know are planning to disregard them, as they're virtually always broken. Hopefully no-one I call a friend is saying "Well MY new year's resolution is to NOT make one and then I'll keep it ho ho ho" because that really and truly is NOT a witty thing to say and I might have to resist clobbering them. I pride myself on rarely employing overused not-even-good-enough-to-be-clich├ęs, but I can't say I share a similar sensible sentiment. I love a resolution, as all my friends know. "I'm going to quit smoking" is one that I've said many a time and not always followed through with. "I'm never going to drink again" is one frequently uttered and never taken seriously. "I'm going to lose half a stone by tomorrow" is one I resolve loads but is unfortunately physiologically impossible.. But never mind that. 2006, of course, is going to be my year, because I've only made two and they're going to happen. Yes.

1. Drink less.
Drunken things I have done in 2005:
- Fallen out of a window and required a trip to Casualty. Oops.
- Fallen over a table at my friend's house and cut my head open. (Sorry Sarah!)
- Puked into my friend's wastepaper basket. (Sorry Ellie!)
- Launched myself onto various men of Oxford. (Sorry, men of Oxford!)
- Cried on random people's shoulders about how awful my life was (Sorry Sarah, Nina, etc..!)

Unfortunately, those things are just a nice selection of my various exploits.. clearly, I am verging on alcoholism and must be stopped for the safety of myself and the people of Oxford and Aylesbury.

2. Work on my conversational skills.
Have you ever been in a conversational tug of war? I have. It involves two people sitting on either side of a metaphorical line, furiously trying to pull the topic of conversation towards themselves. I'm not proud of playing this game. It shows up my flaws. So, instead, I'm going to ask insightful questions and make people feel good about themselves. I'm sure they don't need to know about the last time I was drunk or about that time my ballgown had an accident with a shisha pipe.. whereas I've realised there's a lot I don't know about my peers. It shall be my aim to find out!

2006 is going to be my year. Sober and engaged in fabulous banter.. world domination will be mine. Ooh yeah.

Testing testing

Oh yes..